Scientific Support


Summary of human clinical trials

Five of the seven trials conform to the “gold standard” of clinical design in that they were randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled trials. Results show that EpiCor supports a strong, healthy immune system while it balances immune response; and significant measurable results can be seen in as little as two hours.

Immuno Armour – Epicor’s mode of action

This paper recognizes the importance of clinical biomarkers in vivo biomarkers mentioned in this summary are from research conducted on healthy adult subjects. Most of the biomarkers mentioned in this paper are also represented in a table at the end of the article.

Rapid immune responses to Epicor® consumption in humans

This clinical trial, published in a MEDLINE-indexed journal, was double-blinded and placebo-controlled. Results include; a significant increase in Natural Killer (NK) cell activity within 2 hours of consumption.

The importance of a balanced immune system

Recent science shows that sIgA may also have other beneficial effects in overall immunity through reduced inflammation in the digestive tract. This paper will review sIgA’s known effects on mucosal immunity and describe the emerging research that shows its beneficial impact on digestive health.

Why is
EpiCor  Fermentate Unique?

Published studies show Epicor helps people live more healthy days by:

  • Supporting year-round respiratory and sinus health
  • Helping maintain nasal comfort
  • Maintaining immune defences for daily challenges
  • Supporting good digestive health (shown in sophisticated gut models)