A daily dose of Immuno Armour.

Say goodbye to stress, allergies, bad sleep and a weakened immune system and hello to happiness, energy and wellbeing with a daily dose of immuno armour.

Mom knows best!

Mom knows best! Give yourself and your little superheroes the protection you all need with immuno armour for the whole family.

Get The Best Of Your Active Lifestyle

From Yoga To CrossFit To That Cycle Race, Immuno Armour Will Help Strengthen Your Body.

Keeping The Bugs At Bay.

With Autumn Just Around The Corner, Now Is The Perfect Time To Strengthen Your Family’s Immune System. Keeping The Bugs At Bay Couldn’t Be Easier This Season.

Add balance to your lifestyle.

To get the most out of your immune supplements, you must add balance to your lifestyle. That includes exercise, a diet of whole foods, hydration, stress management and proper sleep.

Immuno Armour Stress

Did you know that stress can have a huge impact on how your immune system functions?

Getting the better of Allergies

Did you know that allergic reactions begin in your immune system?

Why is
EpiCor  Fermentate Unique?

Published studies show Epicor helps people live more healthy days by:

  • Supporting year-round respiratory and sinus health
  • Helping maintain nasal comfort
  • Maintaining immune defences for daily challenges
  • Supporting good digestive health (shown in sophisticated gut models)