Our immune systems are being challenged every day by viruses, bacteria, environmental toxins, stresses and other pathogens to name a few.

An underactive or weakened immune system will open you up to increased exposure to infections and disease, and that is why it is very important to strengthen the immune system, not just boost it!

IMMUNO ARMOUR supports your immune system in many different ways. Unlike other immune ingredients on the market that simply boost, IMMUNO ARMOUR works within 2 hours on multiple levels to strengthen your immune system.

IMMUNO ARMOUR has been formulated with a ground breaking immune ingredient called, EpiCor, which is the only immune supplement on the market that can boast 8 human clinical trials on strengthening your immune system.

Those published studies with hundreds of people show that IMMUNO ARMOUR is effective during both winter and summer and also acts as a postbiotic, nourishing the beneficial bacteria in your gut.

EpiCor is a unique ingredient comprised of numerous nutrients that work together to help strengthen your immune system for better overall health.  It acts like a multivitamin for your immune system.

Taken daily, IMMUNO ARMOUR with its antioxidant power helps strengthen your immune system and that makes it an ideal way to support daily immune health and to prevent being susceptible to viral infections.

So, stop messing around with your health this season and let the KING of immune supplements, boasting 8 human clinical trials do its job.

IMMUNO ARMOUR, for the whole family.

Immuno Armour KIDS 30 Chews
R196.95 or subscribe and save up to 7.5%
Immuno Armour ADULT 30 Capsules
R287.95 or subscribe and save up to 7.5%

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